Training developers through mentorship.

Bridging the gab between academia and industrial software engineering by matching mentors and students.

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How it works?

1. Choose a programming language

Based on your engineering/programming aspiration, choose from a set of carefully choosen programming languages & technologies

2. Get paired with a skilled mentor

Based on your time availability and location, get paid with a mentor; someon with experience in the tech stack you chose.

3. Go through 3 months mentorship

Through out 3 months period, attend bi weekly physical meetup sessions and multiple online sessions to learn and master your tech stack with support from your mentor.!

4. Join a startup & begin open source.

After your 3 months mentoring session, get paid up with a local startup and also immersed into the world of open source to beef up your skills to industry standards

We need more mentors!

Help grow the next set of developers and engineers in the silicon mountain eco system. Volunteer 4 hours a week to train and mentor a set of well selected and vetted students!

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Programming languages and technologies covered

C programming


Mother language, used to write systems and linux kernel.

C programming


Cross platform development, used for web, desktop and mobile.

C programming


Powers more than 30% of the internet, used to build wordpress!

C programming


Excellent for data processing, statistics and machine learning.

C programming


Powered by google, used to build desktop, mobile and web apps.

C programming


Universal developers language, used for web, deskotp and mobile.

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